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Realign Your Ethos Before You Redesign Your Logos.

Tapas Persona Archetype Quiz


Take the Tapas Persona Archetype Test and discover the energy you are projecting or possibly avoiding in professional spaces. Find out how you can use this information to identify emotional triggers, and unconscious behaviors, and increase your self-awareness. 

Individual Coaching

Whether you are seeking personal or professional transformation, you need to explore Tapas Ethos Coaching for individuals.

Innovation Consulting

We use innovative thinking to reveal inventive solutions. We help consider calculated risks. We build trust over fear. We tell the truth.

Creative Innovation

Add Tapas creative expertise to any visionary venture and elevate your ideas, experiences, and brand. We work inside and out of the box.

Meet Stephanie

Hi, I'm Stephanie Crain

Stephanie Crain is a Corporate Mystic, creative problem solver, and visionary collaborator who helps organizations and individuals look inward before they focus on outward messaging and creative strategy. Her strengths are in alignment and expansion. She deftly deploys these innate skills to help entrepreneurs and companies align processes, outcomes, resources, and stakeholders to maximize creative output and results.


Tapas Values

Ethos is often expressed through values. At Tapas, we believe that alignment of values is essential to authentic expression.

Coaching Packages

Our packages are designed to maximize your personal and professional growth. See which one is right for your journey.

Brand Rehab

Brand Rehab goes beyond your brand's identity and begins with Brand Ethos. At Tapas, we work with Pathos and Logos.


Stephanie provided me a path to see some of the challenges holding me back and inspired me with insight and courage to make some hard choices in my goals to be the best version of myself both professionally and personally. She did all this with a high level of professionalism and also a keen sense on sensitivity and personalization. I felt she was really talented at customizing what was best for me. She is a joy to work with and a wonderful human being!

Aly Winningham
Artist, Owner Aly Winningham Mosaics

"I love when things come into alignment at the exact perfect time and an energy exchange happens that shifts the way your mind sees life. This is what happened when I found Tapas Innovation… and it continues to happen over and over again. After working with this extraordinary company my mind expanded in a way that I will always cherish.  My paradigm shifted on how to move forward in thought leadership, and how to recognize the potential within my business brand as well as my own success direction.  I gained a confidence that I never knew I had and overall the journey has been one I will always be grateful for. If you are wondering if this is right for you, you should definitely enlighten yourself and find out. Do not hesitate."

Tina Herod
Owner, Couture Color Studio


  • Serves as a partner in personal discovery and professional development
  • Focuses on future goals and taking transformational action
  • Methods include powerful visualization, incisive questions, and mindful practices
  • Tapas Ethos Coaching Services are sold as packages


  • Serves as a partner in strategic discovery and professional expansion
  • Focuses on leadership impact, branding, values activation, and ethos culture
  • Methods include provocative inquiry, deep analysis, radical honesty and guidance
  • Tapas Radical Consulting Services are sold hourly, on retainer, or by project


  • Serves as a partner in creative strategy and brand development
  • Focuses on core messaging, logo and graphic design, brand identity
  • Methods include consulting, combined with professional design and content services
  • Tapas Innovation Creative Services are sold hourly, on retainer, or by project


  • Serves as a partner in visionary work, team expansion, and vetted referrals
  • Focuses on collaboration projects, connecting expertise, and elevating ideas
  • Methods include project partnership, strategic and creative talent, success mindset
  • Compensation arrangement varies based on project and opportunity


Welcome to our podcast, From Illumination to Innovation, where we explore the cross-sections of personal growth, professional expansion, and cultural change. Follow and subscribe for fresh insights and thought-provoking content.


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What's Your Corporate Persona Archetype?

It’s not the job you do, but the role that you play. Gain insight into how you show up in professional spaces.